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Advertisement for Sale of Newly Arrived Africans


This image is of an advertisement for a nearly equal number of adults and children from Sierra Leone at a Charleston Auction. This image is important for several reasons, namely because one should see what an auction advertisement looks like, but also because the number of boys and girls is nearly equal to that of the number of men and women imported. Other things that should be pointed out is... Read More »

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Caribbean Views

The online collection is of extraordinary quality, both in terms of the scanned images and the contextual detail provided.
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In Motion: The African-American Migration Project

In Motion: The African-American Migration Project portrays the history of 13 defining migrations that formed and transformed African Americans from the 16th century to the present.
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Sanitarium Weet-Bix Packet


The only such product endorsed by world famous mountaineer and humanitarian, Sir Edmund Hillary, Sanitarium's sugar-free wholegrain wheat biscuit, Weet-Bix, has long been the country's most preferred breakfast cereal. Since 1992, the company has actively sought to promote children's sport, holding Tryathlons (the spelling is deliberate) at 11 centers throughout the country. (See... Read More »

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The Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas: A Visual Record

The images document the history of enslavement in West and West Central Africa, the English and French Caribbean, Brazil, and the United States.
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The Lemonade Stand


The lemonade stand is a widely used and recognized symbol of capitalism and in particular entrepreneurship. The selling of lemonade on the streets of New York can be traced back to when a New York youngster sold it to thirsty street car riders over 130 years ago. Its connection to youthful entrepreneurship has endured. Today it is often the first entrepreneurial venture of young people and is... Read More »