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Louis’s Separation from His Family

  • Engraving of King Louis XVI being taken from his family


After hearing the verdict, the King was allowed a final evening with his family, whom he had not seen for almost a month during the trial. Twice on the evening of 20 January the King met with his wife, his son, and a daughter. For about an hour and three–quarters all told, they visited. Only at this time, three days after the verdict, was the family told of the King’s sentence. This led to a miserable scene with much weeping and kissing. The children were totally distraught when finally the father departed. Although they hoped for a final farewell in the morning, this was not to be.

Jean-Baptiste Vérité (engraver) and Pierre Bouillon (designer), "Louis's Separation from His Family," 1794, Bibliothèque Nationale de France

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