Ancient History Encyclopedia offers a comprehensive resource for both teachers and students concerning antique history through both primary and secondary reference materials. The site boasts an impressive collection of reference materials for both teachers and students that is easy to navigate for research and teaching purposes. The encyclopedia presents a well-organized reference codex for historical materials, from translated articles and sources in various languages to specific resources such as an ancient weight calculator that calculates dry and liquid weight in their pre-modern form. These forms include Greek, Egyptian and Roman weights. This source boasts an impressive resource data bank for any ancient historian or student.

The site is simple and easy to navigate as everything on the site is organized into specific and well-marked categories. The user-friendly appearance makes using the site exciting and fosters a sense of curiosity to continue to navigate from each tab, article, or PDF. The site's major components consist of the encyclopedia, education, and travel tabs when looking for research or teaching tools.

The encyclopedia tab separates into multiple categories, including region, period, and specific subjects for the user to interact. Some of the subjects included are art, philosophy, people, and warfare. This section of the site features the measurement converter from modern to ancient measurements, a media library of pre-modern images, a maps section, audio articles, and a comprehensive translation bank organized by languages that include Greek languages Afrikaans, and Urdu. Also included is a timeline feature for educators and researchers and students is a date oriented search tab to specify the exact time frame they want to receive materials on by entering their specific historical dates.

The education tab includes comprehensive lesson plans, classroom posters, a primary source database, and a link database to articles and other websites concerning ancient history. It contains an impressive collection geographically and thematically organized for ease of use. Also, at the educator's disposal on this site is a section of pre-made quizzes also organized by category and historical period. This section also includes pre-made lesson plans and downloadable materials such as worksheets and even lesson bundles on both Greece and Rome for use in the classroom.

Lastly, the Travel tab is unique for this site, as it fosters a list of travel articles about ancient history, a travel magazine hosted by the site, and an interactive world map that lists museums of ancient history and beyond for the user to map out their next trip. This map could also be handy if a researcher is looking for a specific site or museum for their work. The map displays museums from Hawaii to Spain and beyond.

Overall this site is a fantastic resource in terms of the vast amounts of material collected for use. The site is primarily user-generated, with a system to ensure the entries uphold the website's management team's standards. Multiple universities, including Oxford and Wisconsin- Madison recommend the site, and they proudly boast in 2016 winning the .eu Web Award for Education.

Reviewed by Margaret Paz, San Francisco State University
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